Colmex Pro 2.0
The new generation of
trading platforms

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

Whether you are a beginner investor or a seasoned professional trader, the highly customizable and high-performance Colmex Pro 2.0 trading platform meets the needs of traders of any level. From simple chart trading to advanced analytical tools and synthetic instrument creation, Colmex Pro 2.0 is at the leading edge of trading technology.

User friendly interface

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

Colmex Pro 2.0 interface was designed with ease of use in mind. Customize your workspace in a way that suits you, by arranging the panels using the docking feature.

Synchronize the stock symbol between various panels by color. Changing a stock symbol in one panel will change it in all linked panels too.

Panels can be easily detached from the main platform window to be used on a separate screen in a multi-monitor station.

Monitor your performance

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

Track performance of your Colmex Pro 2.0 account using the built-in Account Statistics. This tool shows traders data points such as Profit Factor, Win/Loss ratio, trades statistics, and drawdowns. You can analyze your performance for any period of time, from 1 day to several years. Account Statistics can be also displayed as graphs for more intuitive presentation.

Manage your orders

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

Colmex Pro 2.0 has all the advanced order types but sending an order to the market is still intuitive and simple. Order entry window can be attached to many panels for easy access, traders can also place stop and limit orders directly on the chart, enable quick action buttons, and set hotkeys for lightning-fast order entry.

More experienced traders can enter orders directly in Level 2 data from a Super DOM panel.

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Advanced Charting

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

The charting tools in Colmex Pro 2.0 are truly remarkable. Choose from 14 different chart styles, from standard line and candlesticks charts to sophisticated Heiken Ashi and Cluster charts. Use the default timeframes or create a completely new timeframe for your charts. You can also access the unlimited history for all the stocks available for trading.

Make Informed Decisions

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

Colmex Pro 2.0 analytical tools are made to help you succeed. Add trend lines, price channels, Fibonacci tools, and more to the charts for professional-grade technical analysis. Choose from 47 most popular chart indicators, including automatic pattern recognition, or create a new one. The platform also allows importing custom indicators.

Find Opportunities

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

All the advanced order types and sophisticated charts will not help if you do not single out an investment opportunity.

With Colmex Pro 2.0’s unique real-time stock screeners you will never run out of ideas. Find largest intraday changes in stock prices with Gainers/Losers panel and stocks that reached their all-time high and low prices with High/Low panel.

Fast and Reliable Performance

Colmex Pro 2.0 Desktop

When you are sending a trading order, you must know it will be executed fast and without glitches.

Colmex Pro 2.0 utilizes top-tier network servers and infrastructure for lightning-fast, steady, and reliable connection. The connection status and quality are critical, so you can always see the response time of the server in milliseconds in the right corner of the top menu.

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