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Colmex Pro Expert


Colmex Pro is pleased to offer its latest software-based trading solution, Colmex Pro Expert. The software includes a robust charting application that is highly customizable and includes over 100 indicators. Multiple chart windows can be opened at once. The software also includes the same order entry and trade management solutions that have won Barron's Top Broker Award.

Software Overview

Colmex Pro Expert is a significant upgrade to Colmex Pro Trader, taking all of Pro Trader's features and adding more.  While Colmex Pro Expert continues to use all of the order types and account management systems of the original  Colmex Pro Trader, it also includes a full range of enhanced features including robust charting with more than 100 indicators and studies, a complex alert system for monitoring price movement based on over 100 parameters, and a sophisticated Formula Engine that can insert over 100 built in mathematical stock fields into its quote sheets, hotlist sheets, scanner sheets, or option sheets, including Last, Bid, Ask, Net%, Block Trades, Money Flow, PE, EPS and much more. In addition, Colmex Expert offers Research and Morning Notes, Options Strategist, and low commissions.

The Colmex Pro Expert is the ultimate solution for professional traders.

Some of the key features Colmex Pro Expert  include:

  • Advanced Charting application with over 100 built-in indicators, studies and tools
  • A complete scripting language for all asset classes to design custom executable scripts
  • A full back-testing system
  • A complete scanner for finding patterns in all asset classes that meet customizable criteria

 Features List

MAT (Managed Account Trading) NEW! 

The Managed Account Trading (MAT) tool is made to be used by traders using multiple accounts with one or multiple strategies. Accounts with authorizations, funds or even a regular account plus an IRA can be grouped based on the trader's design. The MAT functionality is built into the Colmex Pro software and is immediately available for use by any authorized account. There is no minimum account size or minimum number of accounts required to use this tool; MAT allows trading from one to thousands of accounts simply and easily. 

Market Depth (Level ll)

Sub Pips Underlined in LVlI NEW!

Drag and Drop to New Price Level

Futures Depth-of-Book - If you are a Colmex Pro Trading Futures account holder you can view the top 5 futures bids and offers, allowing you to see the depth of the market

TradeFlow Meter - See where the market pressure is. The Trade Flow Meter watches trade volume at the bid vs. the ask, degrading its average over time interval

Monitor Multiple MPIDs - Interested in seeing what a particular market participant is doing today Right-click on the desired MPID, select "monitor", and the color of each selected MPID will invert, making it easier to track

Drag and Drop to Change Orders NEW! - Drag and Drop change order capability in the Market Depth window. (1) Indented box represents your order. (2)Drag to a new price level in the montage or the opposite side to change into market order. (3)That will send a change order to the new price for your order

System Requirements


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 OS
  • 1GHz Processor or faster
  • 1GB of RAM or more
  • Broadband or faster
  • 50 MB Free Disk Space
  • 128MB Video Card or better
  • Resolution 800 x 600
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ or Microsoft IE 7.0+

 Recommended System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 OS
  • 2GHz Processor or faster
  • 2GB of RAM or more
  • Broadband or faster
  • 50 MB Free Disk Space
  • 512MB Video Card or better
  • Resolution 1024 x 768
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ or Microsoft IE 7.0+

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*Due to various requests from Macintosh users, Colmex Pro has created a portable standalone version of the ColmexFX Platform for the Macintosh operating system, this version is utilizing WineSkin technology under GPL agreement. Kindly be informed that the software was successfully tested on Mac OS El Capitan and Mac OS Yosemite, however, Colmex Pro does not provide any support or consultancy for this version, therefore, please note that the use of this software is entirely at your own consideration and risk. We would like to draw your attention that Colmex Pro is able to provide full support only for the ColmexFX Platform for Windows.

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